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My husband, David, and I had been trying to have a baby since November of 2007. After 'letting things happen', we got the amazing news that we were pregnant in June of 2008. Sadly, that pregnancy ended at 9 weeks with a natural miscarriage. After two more chemical pregnancies, we turned to fertility treatments in 2009. That decision was a disaster, with lousy medical care and poor monitoring. In December of 2009, we made the huge decision to move onto IVF. Things fell into place like magic and we began treatment on January 15, 2010. After a blighted ovum in March, we did a successful FET in June, only to endure another blighted ovum in July. We kept up and underwent another IVF in September/October of 2010 with the arrival of our son, Brogan in July of 2011! After our lovely success (finally) we decided to undertake yet another IVF treatment and hope for a sibling for our little red headed boy. Well... so far it's worked. Our story continues below!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Okay - that's over!

Yes it was a tough spring.  Yes I wish a lot of things were different, but they aren't and, what is, is.  I often say to those around me "The only thing that makes a bad situation worse is the attitude you have about it."  I've done my best to follow my own advice, and managed to do so fairly well at least. 

So now we're onto the next phase of life - the surreal part of living without my sister, and trying to not calculate how far along I should be with yet another lost pregnancy.

We've got a lot of cool stuff happening in our world.  We are finally getting our huge ass renovations underway at our home that we purchased last fall.  A new stone patio out front, completing the massive deck on the back (landscaping, mostly), and later on, two new bathrooms!  Also, the shop is super duper busy and my kids are doing great... I'm going on a trip to Vegas with my mom and hubby at the end of May, and if I ever, ever start my period, we'll be doing a frozen embryo transfer five weeks later.  That's exciting too!

Speaking of my period, I'm going on nearly 50 days.  ARGH!  C'mon already....

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  1. I hope the summer brings with it sunshine in every aspect of your life.I know what its like to have that long wait for a period....I've had a couple of those waits as well! grrr!