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My husband, David, and I had been trying to have a baby since November of 2007. After 'letting things happen', we got the amazing news that we were pregnant in June of 2008. Sadly, that pregnancy ended at 9 weeks with a natural miscarriage. After two more chemical pregnancies, we turned to fertility treatments in 2009. That decision was a disaster, with lousy medical care and poor monitoring. In December of 2009, we made the huge decision to move onto IVF. Things fell into place like magic and we began treatment on January 15, 2010. After a blighted ovum in March, we did a successful FET in June, only to endure another blighted ovum in July. We kept up and underwent another IVF in September/October of 2010 with the arrival of our son, Brogan in July of 2011! After our lovely success (finally) we decided to undertake yet another IVF treatment and hope for a sibling for our little red headed boy. Well... so far it's worked. Our story continues below!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blogger Award - Thanks Beckie!

What a nice way to greet a rainy Monday - with a nonimation from Beckie at Beckie's Infertility Journey  for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Beckie is a funny, smart writer whose courage and humor always makes me feel that I'd love to share a long lunch with her and really get to know her in person.  I wish her and her 'dude' all the best in their path to parenthood - stop by and see how she's feeling today, she also has a cool contest going on where you can actually win things. Thank you for the nomination, Beckie!!

My duties as a nonimated Beautiful Blogger Award are as follows:
- Thank the person who nominated me and copy the award in my blog

- Link the person who nominated me for this award
- Share seven interesting things about myself
- Nominate seven fellow bloggers and add the links to their blogs

Interesting Things About Me:
1. My parents owned a lodge-truck stop on the very top of a mountain on the Alaska Highway.  (No I wasn't raised in Alaska - we were still in the heart of Canada).  It was very isolated as far as neighbors, but we were exposed to thousands of people, from all over the world in any given week as a result of the Highway, and I loved growing up there!  I was home schooled until grade 10 - and also loved that experience.

2.  One of my favorite things in the world is cooking.  I can get lost in a market and you'd think spices were illegal street drugs if you saw how excited I got over them.

3.  I am the youngest girl and seventh of eight children.  Including my two sons there are 23 grandchildren (so I have 21 nieces and nephews) and I am a great aunty something like 17 times over (we lose count).  There are currently four new great nieces or nephews brewing in belly buddies as we speak. 

4.  I own and operate a busy custom embroidery shop in Fort St John, BC.  We also do custom hoodies, t-shirts and onesies - it's fun and I love it!

5.  My mom and my husband are my best friends.

6.  I met David on Lavalife.  I met my mom in a hospital room in Dawson Creek, BC.

7.  I used to work as a professional sports photographer.  I photographed amature sports and sold the photos to parents and participants.  I did that for five years, and photographed all over the province.  Everything from dance to bmx to rodeo to baseball... and from five year olds to the Canadian National Championships.

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Have a wonderful Monday!!  Embie Update will be posted this morning....


  1. Thanks so much for the award! It was cool getting to learn some interesting facts about you. I met my husband online, too! He and I both really want to drive the Alaska Highway some day. That is so cool that you got to live along the highway -- I bet you have tons of interesting stories about the different people you met.

  2. Omg, i just saw this! So very kind of you. Seriously, thank you. Mostly I just feel as though I ramble...

  3. Thank You :) so happy for all of your good news!!